I am profoundly grateful to Kenneth Johnson for sharing his experientially based understanding of the Tzolk’in in this remarkable book. As a long-time lover of the Mayan world, Mayan Calendar Astrology finally opened my eyes to the subtle workings of the 260-day calendar and led me to embrace it as a genuine path to self-understanding. The author’s work is based upon his years of work with several aj q’ijab’ in the Guatemalan highlands, primarily in Momostenango, the most important center for contemporary Mayan calendar knowledge. Johnson’s explanations of the significance of the 13 numbers, the Mayan Destiny Chart, the Year Lords, and the Path of Feathered Serpent are unique in the popular literature and will enrich the understanding of even dedicated scholars.


— Robert Sitler, PhD
Director, Latin American Studies, Stetson University

* * *


Johnson's book is a very rare presentation combining accurate scholarship with insights born of direct work with the aj' k'ij and the 260-day calendar — in the environment where the rites are practiced.  The divinatory and oracular center of the Tzolkin is beautifully explained in this book, and it includes a practical guide to the day-sign auguries that are true to the usage of Maya traditionalists today.


— John Major Jenkins
Author, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012




Mayan Calendar Astrology:

Mapping Your Inner Cosmos

Kenneth Johnson



Publication Date: 

December 2011

Page Count: 



6" x 9"




Mayan Calendar Astrology: Mapping Your Inner Cosmos is the quintessential handbook you need to understand the art of Mayan astrology and how to harness it for a profound illumination of your personal lifepath.  If you liked Jaguar Wisdom, this book will take you even deeper into the powerful insights that Mayan astrology can offer, whether you’re a seasoned expert or just a beginner.  
Included are: 
  • Complete information about the day signs and numbers
  • The importance of the Year Lord
  • The Mayan Destiny chart (also known as the Mayan Cross)
  • The complete nine-sign horoscope
  • Solar and lunar cycles
  • A unique method for determining the phases of human life
  • The personal compatibility matrices embedded within the Tzolk’in
  • A little-known technique for assessing human relationships by combining two horoscopes into a composite chart
  • Calendar diagrams and horoscope templates for photocopying
  • A powerful and meditative technique called the “Path of Feathered Serpent,” based on our own “personal lunar month” and designed, through a series of guided meditations, to awaken the koyopa or inner lightning we all possess