This gorgeous coloring book is the companion to the mythic fantasy The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree.

Meet—and color in—all your favorite characters: Max, Itzel, Juan, Doña Victoria, and of course Luna the Hummingbird, the mysterious Black Jaguar and the fearsome Feathered Serpent!

An unrelenting fusion of fiction and real life, this inspirational critique of modern Western society is at once poetic and raw. The Visionary will make you “think different.”

Readers call it "addictive" and "enthralling." The School Library Journal calls it "unique." And Foreword Reviews chose it as one of this summer's top six YA books. Slide down the chocolate rabbit hole with Max and Itzel and you'll see why!

A profoundly moving look into the unseen moments of survival, strength, and resilience among the survivors of the massive 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, this collection of rare photojournalistic images stands as testament to the extraordinary human capacity to survive the most devastating of natural disasters.

Few Westerners have seen the remote Suguta Valley in northern Kenya. Mickey Mestel has seen it no fewer than four times—on foot. Join Mickey on this extraordinary walking safari to the mythical Lake Turkana at the northern end of Suguta Valley and see Kenya like you never have before.

Set against the unstable political climate of General Franco’s Spain in the 1940’s and based on a bizarre real-life incident that remains unsolved to this day, “Verse in Arabic” twists medical ethics and psychosocial tyranny into a cord that pulls at your heart from both ends.

Compared by some readers to the chilling narratives of fellow Czech-born Franz Kafka, “Bakaly” reads unforgiving and raw, just like the hard, cutting vodka its two main characters drink during the fateful game of roulette they play on that dark, dark night.

A work of fiction written in the breathless “thought-stream” style pioneered by the author, Czech-born writer Birgitte Rasine, “Confession” pulls you into its racing pulse and doesn’t let go even after you’ve read the last word. It breaks through the established walls of the practice of confession in Christianity and brings to light questions about faith and religion that remain debated to this day.

A Memoir of the Peace Corps at Fifty

Today, the original vision President John F. Kennedy and Sargent Shriver had for the Peace Corps as a powerful arm of support for the world's dispossessed lies buried in layers of bureaucratic blindness and political expediency. But there is yet hope, as former Peace Corps Country Director J. Larry Brown explains in this powerful memoir.

Living in Sacred Time

For the first time, The Serpent and the Jaguar brings you the Tzolk’in and all of its 260 days interpreted in the context of modern life and modern challenges. This book will help you redefine your relationship with sacred, cyclical time in the face of our demanding, stressful schedules operating on linear time.

Mapping Your Inner Cosmos

Mayan Calendar Astrology: Mapping Your Inner Cosmos is the quintessential handbook you need to understand the art of Mayan astrology and how to harness it for a profound illumination of your personal lifepath. If you liked Jaguar Wisdom, this book will take you even deeper into the powerful insights that Mayan astrology can offer, whether you’re a seasoned expert or just a beginner.