The first person to publish information about the five-sign Mayan Cross horoscope in English (1997), Kenneth Johnson has continued his studies with Mayan Daykeepers throughout the years, and has now created a complete manual of Mayan astrological practice. All the material in this unique new book is based upon information obtained from shamanic Mayan astrologers in Guatemala; there are no “New Age” inventions or “interpretations.”
The presenter of numerous talks and seminars on the Mayan Calendar and its astrological systems, Ken has also designed several webinars, or online workshops, for the Mayan Calendar Portal (; these webinars remain among the most appreciated by MCP audiences. 
Ken holds a B.A. in Comparative Religions from California State University Fullerton. He obtained his Master of Arts in Eastern Studies (with an emphasis in Classical Sanskrit) from St. John’s College, Santa Fe. He is the author of numerous books and magazine articles, of which Jaguar Wisdom: An Introduction to the Mayan Calendar is the best known.  His other titles include the Mythic Astrology series (with Arielle Guttman), and Mansions of the Moon: The Lost Zodiac of the Goddess. A student of Mayan spirituality and languages, he divides his time between the United States and Guatemala.