My Mayan Match

"My Mayan Match" is the first mobile app to bring you the little-known personal compatibility secrets embedded in the Mayan Tzolk'in calendar.  The Maya use these compatibility systems to determine all kinds of important life decisions: whom to marry or get romatically involved with, whom to befriend, who to work with, who to share your innermost secrets with, and, just as critically… whom to avoid, in whatever circumstance.

For the very first time, you can use the Tzolk’in to gain deeper insight into the relationships in your life, from your closest loved ones to friends and acquaintances, from your bosses and coworkers to your professional and business contacts.

The app features the dual compatibility matrix, full descriptions of the day signs, an explanation of the two compatibility systems within the Tzolk'in calendar, a Gregorian–Mayan date calculator, and the ability to store and edit your personal day sign profile as well as the matched profiles for countless friends.

Compatible with iOS 8 and Android.

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